2019 Iron & Oil Baseball


1. Registration

All teams registered for the Iron & Oil tournament must submit a completed roster form.

2. Eligibility

Must meet age requirement.

3. Game Length

7 innings - unless the Mercy Rule is invoked or the time limit is reached.

4. Mercy Rule

14u & Up

10 after 5

5. Time Limit

If a new inning has started prior to the time limit, that inning will finish. No new inning can start after the time limit 2:00. Games can end in a tie (in pool play only) if the time limit expires, and both teams have batted in the inning. The game will be considered a complete game after the home team bats in the bottom of the third inning, and the third inning is completed.

Teams should be prepared to play 30 minutes prior to the listed start time for each game, except for the first games each day at each field.

A team will forfeit if they do not have at least 8 players present by 15 minutes after the game should have been started. Forfeits are scored as a 10-0 victory for the team with enough players.

The official start time is determined by the umpires before each game.

If 10 innings is reached on Sunday (Pool A vs Pool B)then we will institute the last batted out on second base, 1-1 count on the hitter and  zero outs.

15 minutes of prep time for each team between games - food, restrooms, and players ready within 15 minutes. These games will resemble a collegiate double header. Please do not leave the complex for food.

6. Official Game

All games are official after the completion of the 3rd inning. If a game should be called due to darkness or weather, and it is the middle of an inning, then the game will revert back to the score from the previous inning if the third inning has been completed.

7. Format Alterations

Iron & Oil reserves the right to alter, change, or abbreviate tournament formats and/or rules, when necessary.

8. Playoffs/Tie Breakers

Pools will be determined by the number of teams in the age group. A minimum of 2 pool games will be played by each team.

In the event that teams are tied after pool play, the following process will be followed:

A. Head to Head (only if 2 teams are tied. 3 or more, go to next tie breaker)

B. Fewest Runs Allowed

C. Run Differential (max 10 per game)

D. Runs scored

E. Coin Flip

9. Pitching

There are no pitching limits. Please take care of your athletes.

Once a player is removed from the mound, he/she cannot return to the mound in the same

game. The second trip to the mound in the same inning results in the removal of the pitcher.

10. Balks

There will be no warnings on balk calls.


11. Intentional Walk

Notify the umpire and the walk will be issued without a pitch.

12. Re-entry

Defensive: Each team will be allowed unlimited substitutions in the field if batting the entire

roster. If not batting the entire roster, substitution rules apply.


You may bat nine players, your entire roster, or anything in between. After the start

of the game, you cannot change the number of batters you have - it must remain the same for

the whole game. If you bat your entire roster and a player should get thrown out of the game,

and no substitute (a player not in the batting order) remains, you must take an out in that spot in

the order. If a player is removed due to an injury, no out is recorded in that player’s spot in the


Once a sub bats or runs for a player in the batting order, those two players are locked into that

position. From then on, one of those two must hit/run in that spot only. Re-entry of the starter


A courtesy runner is allowed for the catcher only with 2 outs. If batting the entire roster, the

courtesy runner must be the last recorded out.

13. Home Team

In pool play, a coin flip will determine who the home team is. In playoffs and the championship,

the higher seed will have their choice of being the home team or visiting team. If two teams

should have the same seed, then a coin flip will determine home team.

14. Scorekeeping

A. Lineups must be provided to the opposing team’s manager and to the press box if applicable.

B. The Official Scorebook is to be kept by the home team. Both teams should confer after each

inning to confirm the score.

C. Scores from completed games should be recorded and signed off so they can be

posted online and sent out to everyone.

D. Tournament schedule and results will be posted on ironandoilbaseball.com

15. Slide Rule

In the event of a close play, the runner must avoid contact. The umpire has the discretion to eject a

player from the game if the action is deemed to be purposeful.

On double plays, a runner must slide straight into the bag, not past the bag, or to the side to

make contact. If a player does make contact sliding past the bag or to the side, then that player

and the runner, to where the defensive player was trying to make the play are out. All close plays and slides are at the umpire’s discretion.

16. Baseball Cleats

METAL SPIKES are NOT allowed at St. Bonaventure

17. Equipment

All batters are required to wear a helmet, and all catchers must wear a mask, chest protector,

shin guards, and athletic cup.

18. Bat Restrictions

Wood bat tournament

19. Protests

Rule disputes calmly approach the umpire or call me.

20. Entry Refunds

There will be no entry refunds for withdrawal from a tournament within 21 days of the start of

that particular event. The $100 deposit is non-refundable. Refunds due to weather

postponement will be calculated by the number of games played. The weather refunds will go

as follows:

0 games played: Entry fee minus a $100 administrative fee

1 game played: 50% Refund

2 games or more played: No Refund

21. Dugouts

Please help keep the tournament fields and common areas clean. Please be sure to pick up all

your team’s trash after the game. Only coaches and players are permitted in

the dugouts.


22. Ejections

A. NO WARNINGS will be given to coaches, players, or fans for unsportsmanlike or unruly


B. Upon ejection, the coach, player, or fan must completely leave the premises. Failure

to comply will result in a team forfeit.

C. Any player or fan ejected from more than one game will not be permitted on the premises for

the next game.

D. Should a coach be ejected from 1 game will not be allowed on the premises for the next game.

23. Umpires

2 umpires will be provided for all games.

24. Field Dimensions

14u and UP - 60’6” mound and 90’ bases

25. Between Innings

If the offensive team is not ready within the 90-second time limit, the umpire shall call a strike. If

the defense is not ready, a ball shall be awarded to the batter. Umpires judgment allowed.