Welcome to Iron & Oil Baseball

About Us

Mission Statement

Iron & Oil Baseball understands athletic competition as a catalyst for a broader impact, both on the players and the communities they call home. Iron & Oil Baseball builds on this understanding to help young people develop physically, socially, and morally. Iron & Oil Baseball: 

  • engages young people in physical activities to promote health and wellness; 
  • emphasizes the connection between team sports and community engagement through community service; and 
  • develops a strong moral code characterized by social awareness and individual responsibility.

Our Goal

Showcase Communities, Campuses, and Competition.

Some History

Baseball in Western Pennsylvania and Southwest New York provided an important role in shaping this hardworking region. In the late 1800's a league was formed called the Iron and Oil Base Ball League. It was a semi professional league which consisted of 6 teams and later most cities moved into the Inter-State League encompassing teams from south of I-80 to Buffalo, NY. Our unique approach to baseball tournaments and baseball leagues are player motivated and competition driven. Most games will be held on beautiful campuses with outstanding facilities and the opportunity for each player to experience the growth of rivalries, player development and begin their next step.  

We love baseball and want everyone to love it just the same.

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